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At TredRight we pride ourselves that we can provide not only a great hassle free installation service, but also prompt supply of a unique non slip product which is friendly to its applicator, its environment and the people who share it.

SlipSolve anti slip technology was developed in France by Guard Industry, a world leader in innovative bio degradable mineral and surface treatments. Among many surface treatments Guard Industries has been been awarded a place in the Guinness Book of records for services provided on Dated European architecture.

How SlipSolve Works:

SlipSolve attaches tiny stalactites "natural mineral deposits" to the Silica which occurs naturally within your tile or masonry surface. These invisible formations anchor deep within the substructure creating a durable non slip remedy to wet and dry slip hazards. In most cases one application of SlipSolve non slip treatment will double the slip rated coefficient of your floor. In most cases a standard 3 Yr product satisfaction warranty Applies.

SlipSolve is suitable for pool decks, spas, showers, bath & toilet recess, for concrete & stone and for both internal and external use. SlipSolve's integrity is derived from its slip resistance, however the SlipSolve can also offer a sealing effect in most applications. This special formulation has been designed to create a risk free product for both commercial and do it yourself home applications.

Benefits of SlipSolve:

  • SlipSolve can be used safely to treat foyers, tiled areas, ceramic showers, ceramic bath tubs & pools.
  • SlipSolve application is as easy as wetting the surface and drying it off after 45-60 minutes.
  • SlipSolve will not alter the colour or lustre of your floor or void the manufacturers tile warranty.
  • SlipSolve 1Lt treats up to 30 SQM for approx $ 2.60 per SQM "A small cost to pay to keep your environment safe!"
  • SlipSolve can seal your tiles and grout and can also be used as ongoing maintainer when required.
  • Comes in value sized packs. 1 Litre for household DIY and 5-25 litre drums for commercial applications.
  • SlipSolve is Waterborne & 98% bio degradable. It has a pleasant odor and is perfectly safe for use in not so ventilated spaces.
  • SlipSolve will donate 1% of all profits raised to the 1% to the Planet Foundation.

For more information and product data Call TredRight today on 0356 342 287

The products our competitors use:

  • Usually " Destructive Acids" are used with neutralising chemicals as the key element, in the process to dissolve your Tiles surface layer forming tiny craters which act like suction cups under your shoes.
  • These harsh unstable chemicals alter the grip factor of problematic slippery floors and isn't safe for you and your environment.

Mineral and Stone are among the hardest wearing surfaces on the earth and to dissolve the surface layer of stone in their claimed 20 minutes is a good indication that you shouldn't be in the vicinity of the treatment process, or more importantly attempting to use our competitors "Do It Yourself" anti slip treatment kits without industrial safety apparatus.

For more information visit the WorkSafe Australia website for Hazardous material data handling, or contact us for an environmentally friendly product.

The down side to acid treating your floor:

Our competitors wont tell you your Surface areas once Etched with Acids will over time not only become slippery again but present perpetual cleaning and surface hygiene problems.

  • Etching Your floor will form tiny craters for walked in grime, kitchen grease and human body fat to accumulate.
  • Etching Voids Tile warranty permanently.
  • Etching removes / dulls your tiles natural lustre by removing the mineral Silica forming microscopic craters.
  • Etching is a cheaper short term alternative, creating higher irreversible maintenance issues over the long term
  • Even with protective apparatus, these types of chemicals can cause irreversible bone & skin destruction as quoted by Worksafe Aust.


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