Gym LockMats

TredRight Interlocking Gym Mats

Interlocking Rubber Gym Mats are extremely durable, they connect securely beneath the tightly fitting top surface. Gym Lock Mats have been purposely engineered to withstand heavy weight, pin-loaded machines and relentless high impact treatment.

Lock Mats also have the accommodation for electrical cabling, which hides them beneath safely and securely. Lock mats are available with interlocking ramps and corner pieces; to fabricate the ideal work out environment.

Interlocking Gym Mat Dimensions

  • 500mm length x 500mm width x 25mm height.

Interlocking Mat Ramp Dimensions

  • 500mm length x 100mm width.

Mat Ramp Gradient = 25mm to 2mm over 100mm span.

What You Should Know

This surface is Abrasion, Water, and Chemical Resistant; Capable of Enduring enormous traffic volumes. They require no structural maintenance and are easy to mop and clean.

Unlike lower quality mats, a quick Polish is all that is required to restore the lock mats to their original surface condition, allowing your investment of Lock Mats to be re-used or relocated and are ideal for leased premises.

Directly Above:

Low grade rubber flooring. Note the exposed concrete!

Key Benefits

  • Modular islands / stations can be formed for a Complete flooring system, preventing unsightly ware to existing or poor quality flooring.
  • Gym Mats Reduce Machine Vibrations and noise.
  • Comfortable Impact attenuating Surface, non slip, non odor, no maintenance.
  • Protects existing flooring, Ideal for Heavy duty areas.
  • Increases machine life span by reducing belt motor and drive train fatigue, also reduces maintenance costs.

The two most functional interlocking mat profiles.

  1. he Open Roundel surface "featured second from bottom" screen with open holes, is recommended for change rooms and wet areas, also this product will not harbour bacteria. The open surface provides ample holes which allows dirt and water to pass through and drain out completely, via the under pillars.
  2. Raised closed pattern, "featured in the two top pictures" is the most functional all round multi surface, and will not harbour sweat or bacteria which usually leads to odor. The benefit of being raised on small pillars, allows air flow and maintains a dry substrate, eliminating musty odors.

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