Tactile surface Indicators

Poly Stud™ Individual Tactile Surface Indicators


Architectural plastic tactile  indicators.

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PolyStud™ Tactile indicators are engineered and purpose built tough to withstand extreme point loading and side impact. The unique formulation and large anchoring spigot not only ensure the product is made to last, it also protects the substrate any possibility of damage. Poly Stud™ tactile indicators are long lasting & resistant to heavy traffic abuse and maintenance.  

R11 anti-slip rating makes PolyStud one of the best performing Tactile Indicators on the market. Large anchoring spigot to ensure your tactile indicator, has maximum holding strength, 8mm diameter x 20mm long and New patented Drill&Lock™Technology, no adhesive required.

PolyStud tactile indicator is designed to meet all aspects of the Australian and New Zealand Standards, AS/NZS 1428 part 4 Complies with all aspects of the Building code of Australia.

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Colour Range:

Ivory, Yellow, Ocean Blue, Terracotta, Black, Grey, Silver.

How to order or specify PolyStud® Discrete Plastic Indicator Studs

Quote or simply copy & paste the reference below, omit the the colours which are not applicable to your preference. 

TredRight PolyStud®. Colour Either Black, Yellow, Ivory, Grey, Sliver, Ocean Blue, Terracotta. Substrate attachment fixture is a retention fit spigot 8mm Diameter x 18mm long. PolyStud® is to be installed according to TredRight specifications or by a TredRight accredited installer. Website: www.tredright.com.au  Email: mail@tredright.com.au  Ph 0356 342 287

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