Tactile Surface Indicator Plates

SureSteel® 316 Stainless Steel Tactile Surface Indicator Plate. 

Now available with contrasting polymer concentric ring inserts

Architectural Stainless Steel Tactile Indicator Plates.

SureSteel tactile plates are fabricated from a single piece of Austenitic 316 stainless steel, the tactile indicator studs are welded in a matrix from the back, so the tactile head will never detach from the anchoring plate. Designed for installation in aesthetically sensitive applications or where exotic substrates are used such as; marine environments, granite, marble, polished timber, carpets and the like.

Introducing our new NEW Polychromatic™ tactile indicator, with polymer concentric ring inserts which offers greater versatility and robust design, for internal & external installation. This particular infill will double the lifespan of a grit insert and stand tough over time.

Colors: Polychromatic™ Polymer Concentric ring Inserts - Black and Yellow.

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Certified Registered Design.

Sure Steel™ Tactile Indicator Plates, are available in R13. This means that our range of tactile studs exceed the slip resistance guidelines HB197.1999 for external ramps, walkways, pedestrian crossing and all requirements of the Australian building code.

Our registered range of tactile indicators, meet the Australian AS/NZS part 4 Tactile Ground Surface Indicators and are guaranteed to conform to all the dimensional requirements in order to give effective tactile navigational cues for the vision impaired.

How to order or specify SureSteel® Plates

Quote or simply copy & paste the reference below. Omit the surface profile not applicable to your preference. 

TredRight SureSteel® 316 Stainless Steel Plate TGSI 600mm x 300mm with Stainless steel concentric rings, OR Polymer concentric rings. Insert color Yellow OR Black. SureSteel® attachment fixture is to be recessed tapered screw. SureSteel® Plates are to be installed according to TredRight specifications, or by a TredRight accredited installer. Website: www.tredright.com.au  Email: mail@tredright.com.au Ph 0356 342 287


SureSteel™ Plate Attachment Process:

SureSteel™ Plates are locked into position with tapered screw fixtures. To provide building owners with an extremely robust TGSI facility which will continue to look great over time.

  • Available in 600mm x 300mm plate size
  • Attached with 6 equispaced recessed screws/bolts, No Adhesive Required 
  • Simple But-together Installation for wide areas
  • Great cost efective solution for installation on carpets


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